Finding joy in the process

April 08, 2019

Are you happy today? Or do you say to yourself that you will be happy once you…land your perfect job, get married, buy a house, hit your goal weight etc the list can go on. It is so easy to delay our happiness until we have achieved “XYZ”… but truthfully, will you really be happy then? Or will there just be more to add to your list once you have achieved what you wanted?

Often we focus too much on reaching our outcome that we forget to enjoy the actual process of getting there. It is the process that builds our character, teaches us life lessons and equips us to persevere and never give up.  We encourage you to take a step back today and be thankful for all the obstacles and blessings you have encountered to get you to where you are today. Don’t take the process lightly, it is just as important as achieving your desired outcome.

Going through the process may feel like growing pains, but you are ! #teamgratitea

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April 08, 2019

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