GratiTea's TeaTox Routine

January 09, 2020

GratiTea's TeaTox Routine

Are you tired, frustrated or feeling overwhelmed like you are drowning in the never-ending demands of life? Remember to stop, breath and refocus.

At GratiTea, we believe in the power of divine rest. Incorporating a cup of tea into your day, alongside a way of living that rids the need to strive but rather cultivates a deep satisfaction simply from receiving the acceptance & love of God.

Whether you have a relationship with the Lord or not, we invite you to experience an unconventional form of Self-Care.

We have designed a 3 step Teatox where you can enjoy your GratiTea while detoxing from the distractions of life and simply reset and refresh your mind, body & spirit. Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes a day to prioritize your well-being.


Step 1: Be Still

Inspired by Psalms 46:10 “Be Still and know that I am God,” this verse reminds us to cease striving and just be.

Practice taking deep breaths. For 7 minutes (or as long as you desire), remove all external distractions, clear your mind and just breath.

As you quiet yourself, allow the Holy Spirit to speak. If you’ve never done this before, just breath, there is nothing scary here!


Step 2: Be Grateful

Gratitude helps us refocus on what we have instead of what is lacking.

Positive psychology has shown that gratitude is associated with an individual’s overall wellbeing. Including increased happiness, better relationships, positive emotions and improved health.

Gratitude is a choice. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude during your Teatox practice. Each purchase of GratiTea includes a 31 day Gratitude Sticky. Create a habit of counting your blessings and place it somewhere visible as a reminder throughout your day.

Step 3: Be You

For the remaining few minutes of your detox time, reflect upon this question…

Who am I?”

How would you define yourself? Do you believe you are enough just as you are?

Whether you see yourself as whole or broken, just remember you are precious! So precious, you were worth dying for:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Let’s re-frame any lies we believe about ourselves. As you finish sipping on your GratiTea, allow it to nourish your body as you jot down affirmations to yourself. 



  • Bringing an unconventional tea experience to your doorstep;
  • Our blends are curated with the highest quality loose leaf teas and herbs! Each ingredient was thoughtfully placed with health benefits as well as to empower your emotional wellbeing;
  • Pair your GratiTea with our Teatox routine and start taking charge of your life. Stop going through the motions and start living – starting with an Attitude of Gratitude;
  • Choose between our 4 unique blends. Each ingredient comes together to create a delicious and potent drink for you to enjoy hot or cold. If we don’t have what you are looking for, please send us an email as we hope to grow our product line in the future!

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