What is cold brew tea?

Cold brewing is the gentle process of steeping tea in cold temperature water overnight. Cold brewing allows for the sweet smooth taste of the tea to shine through since tannins, which makes tea bitter aren’t steeped out of the tea when brewed cold as it would in hot water.

We are so excited to share this method, because it is such an easy way to make a refreshing healthy drink- perfect for the summer months! Because the ingredients are few, we cannot stress the importance of choosing high quality loose leaf tea and using filtered water- this combination will guarantee you the best results.

Brewing times

Similar to brewing hot tea, each tea has a unique steeping time to achieve ultimate potency. If you like your iced teas stronger, you can steep for longer!

White Tea6 hours
Green Tea6-8 hours
Oolong Tea8 hours
Black Tea8-12 hours
Herbal Tea12 hours

Recommended teas

How To Cold Brew Iced Tea

Recipe by GratiTeaCourse: Tea Recipes


Prep time


Steep time




  • 3 cups filtered water (room temperature is best)

  • 1 tablespoon loose leaf tea


  • For the best flavor, place the loose leaf tea in your pitcher and pour in room temperature or cold filtered water.
  • Cover the pitcher and refrigerate. Follow steeping instructions provide above specific to the type of tea.
  • Once time is up, strain the loose leaf tea out of the pitcher.
  • Serve tea as is, or any add-ins of choice. Tea will remain fresh for 3 to 5 days when covered and refrigerated.

    Expert tips

    • Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Herbal Tea are the easiest to cold brew since it is harder to mess up with a longer steeping time.
    • Best to brew tea in a glass pitcher, as plastic tends to stain and leaves behind odors.
    • Although it is already cold, serving it with ice just brings another level of refreshment to the already delicious drink.
    • Visit our blog on how to elevate your iced tea by infusing it with fruits and herbs.

    How to sweeten iced tea the healthy way

    With a high quality tea, usually drinking it black is perfect! But if you like your iced teas slightly sweetened but want to keep it healthy- don’t use refined sugar. We recommend using honey instead. Make sure to dissolve the honey in some warm water before stirring it into your iced tea, this will ensure that the honey will dissolve without turning into honey clumps!