Meet the Founders

Our co-founder in recent years suffered from severe bloating and physical exhaustion. Being a person who is very health conscious and exercises regularly she was left confused and frustrated.

Patricia started her journey into wellness teas thinking that changing her diet and exercise routines will fix her health issues. She was soon hit with a revelation…

Striving to be a high achiever she focused on many of the tangibles in her life:

Physical body- exercising and eating clean
Spiritual growth
Relationship with others

But neglected the & her emotions.

Patricia took a step towards self care to discover who she was and what she loved- not what this world terms as success. She realized that being human means having emotions. Patricia had a tendency of using logic to see the positives when adversities or difficult situations come, but what did that result in… years of stuffing her real emotions which are now affecting her physical health!

In her quiet moments she drank a lot of tea as she dug deep within herself. As she faced

Lessons Patricia learned and is passionate to share through GratiTea:
Take time for yourself, its ok to slow down and rest
It is not selfish to do things you enjoy and make you happy
Practice gratitude as a lifestyle- it can turn your day around
Don’t stuff your emotions, acknowledge them and release them in a healthy way that does not hurt yourself or others
Have a healthy relationship with food- eat and drink to nourish
No one food, tea, exercise or medication can replace the benefits of true rest & self-care
She discovered that being human means it is ok to have negative emotions- for too long she

Stepping into a season of self-care she began to discover her emotions. That being strong does not mean always being positive or

How often do we tune into how we are truly feeling?