Terms & Conditions

Receive $10 off your next purchase when you refer a friend! Redeemable only when your friend makes their first order, they will also get $10 off their order. 

*Valid only for new customers - your gift of $10 will appear after 24 hours of friend making their first purchase.

To qualify for promotion:

Referred friend must:
(a) Be a new customer. 
(b) Use the special code provided to them as it ties to your account. 

(c) No returns available when referral code is applied.

Customers terms:
(a) Credit is available to each first-time friend that makes a purchase.
(b) No more than two people of the same household can be referred.
(c) Do not refer anyone with an existing GratiTea account under an alternate email address.

Any abuse of this offer as determined by our sole discretion will result in revocation of customer’s referral credit and referred friend’s promo code. As well as both parties inability to participate in GratiTea’s future promotions. Referral credit is not redeemable.